With The Times

Helping businesses attract more leads, gain new customers and grow

The Times Group offers marketing solutions to help attract new customers for your business. Our five, hyper-local, weekly news publications and one, local daily publication are distributed thoughout the Morton, Washington, East Peoria, Pekin, Metamora and Chillicothe areas.

We Offer

  • Print advertising
  • Digital advertising/marketing
  • Suite of online marketing tools

Choose Us

  1. Lower rates
  2. Desirable markets/viewers
  3. Dedicated, local representatives to help
  4. Less waste of marketing dollars
  5. Flexible payment terms

Why a newspaper company?

Why trust a newspaper company to help with your marketing, especially online? Because we understand our customer's needs and goals and excel at being our customers ally, making ourselves available to our customers and listening. We know advertising and in the end, everything you do, wherever you do it, is advertising. We have local products that serve the communities, and a suite of digital marketing tools that your business needs to thrive. Our multi-media reps are not tech. masters who can write digital code, they are trained listeners who will focus on what you want to achieve, and suggest the right tools to get it done for you. They don't care HOW it's done, just what it will do for you. We've partnered with a great digital marketing firm located in Quincy, Massachusetts that takes care of the HOW of digital marketing, it's all they do.

In the digital marketing world, there are plenty of outfits selling the same things as us and in the end you'll receive the exact same results, but when you work with us, you'll have a partner to work with you, and a system that will ask for a much lower investment.

Contact us today for a free initial consultation by a local sales consultant on how your business can grow with the help of the Times News Group!