Looking for an EASIER way to manage your SOCIAL MEDIA presence?

We have a solution for less than $1.30 a day!

Watch this video to learn about the SOCIAL SUITE we offer you to make life easier and your social presence more effective


Working with the Times Group
and Propel Marketing can:

• Make your Phone Ring
• Drive online traffic to you
• Bring customers into your store

Why you should Choose Us

  • We have what you need
  • We have dedicated, local representatives
  • We don't pressure
  • We want to partner with you, not "sell" you

How we can do it

  • We offer you all of today's marketing tools
  • We offer you the professionals who understand how to use them

New Business 

Get started on the right marketing path, let us walk with you as you grow, to help you continue to engage new customers in new places using tools such as: Search Engine Marketing, Direct E-mail, Targeted Online Advertising and more!

Logo Design
Having the right logo can make all the difference for your business.

Website Development (Responsive or E-Commerce)

Social Creation
We’ll do the work and get your Social presence created, giving you the right tools to easily manage an effective social presence for yourself.

Video Creation
As the internet connections get faster, video will be the norm. Every business needs a video presence to share online. We can create it for you.

Print Advertising
Print advertising puts your business in front of an audience close to you. It’s proven that print drives traffic to your website and into your store.


We work to understand our customer's needs and goals by
listening, being local and being available.

  1. Our job is to make the most effective use of your investment to work for you.
  2. Our job is to listen to what you want.
  3. Our job is to offer tools that match your goals.

Contact us today for an initial, NO PRESSURE consultation by a local sales consultant who will come to you to learn if and how we can help your business achieve its goals!


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