Who are we

We are a local company, with local people ready to help you reach your customers and your goals.
We are a multi-media company that offers both traditional and modern marketing solutions. We are local people with a local presence offering local, small to medium-size businesses the same access to the tools and experts afforded to big business. 

What we have

We have eyeballs, lots and lots of eyeballs. We offer the largest audience we've ever had looking at our print news products as well as our news websites for a combined total of more than 100,000 sets of eyeballs.

We offer access to the billions of eyeballs on the internet looking at Facebook and Instagram ads, watching videos, looking up keywords in search engines, targeted ads on popular websites and more.

We can also do the creative work for you. Our designers will create eye-catching advertisements based on your goals and ideas.

How we do it

We publish local news that people want to see and deliver it to the homes in our areas. Whether it's in print or on a computer or smartphone, our readers are spending time with their local news.

We are also teamed up with PROPEL MARKETING, a national digital marketing company based out of Quincy, Massachusetts. Propel brings you access to the experts and tools needed to have a professional online presence.

Let us design a plan for your business to be the boost you needed. Fill out this form to give us a better look at your business, its goals and to understand who is your target market.

Why you should let us help you

Trust. We are a local business with people who can sit face to face with you to solve your problems. We know you have many choices. Every sales person probably seems to offer you the same products for advertising. We're no different. We can put your messages in front of exactly your audience. We can reach them, in what seems like, everywhere they go. We can send you reports illustrating your results and we can offer ideas for improving a campaign or maybe suggest you don't change because the numbers are saying its working.

Our rates are extremely competitive and our work is top quality. Give us a chance to show you what we can do for you.

Number of users of Times newspaper websites:

Average monthly users: 93,899 total for all six news sites

Year-to-date numbers (1/1/16-11/29/16) :


We want to help you. Please answer the questions on the form and click submit. Your answers allow us to understand your business and its target market to better serve you.