“As a small business owner, we must seek out the best exposure for our advertising dollar. The Times Newspapers provides just that. Wlth a sweeping audience, yet the choice of community targeting, the TimesNewspaper have proven to be a successful partner in growing our exposure to the local communities and in turn growing our business. Thank for providing an excellent advertising tool that fits our small town budgetl Kudos to you.”

Stephanie Farris, owner, Picket Fence Gift & Garden Center, Chillicothe


We Put Your Message in Front of Buyers

What is the purpose of advertising? To "sell" your product or service and get your message in front of potential buyers so they can chose you.

Did you know? At any given time, only 1 to 3% of the market is in demand for what you're offering..."What's the point of advertising then?" Granted, a very small percentage of the market wants what you're selling today, but tomorrow, another 1 to 3% want it. Advertising success is seen when a business stops trying to create instant results and accepts that marketing is a process and your message needs to stay in front of buyers. 

The Times Group's large toolbox contains the tools that connect your business with buyers in many different places. We pride ourselves on what we can offer local small to medium sized businesses. We offer a sizable audience through hyper-local newspapers, both print and online, we also offer a wide variety of effective online tools that will put you in front of thousands of customers and allow you to target the exact customers you want. We offer you a transparent reporting system that let's you see how well your online efforts performed.

You may not think you can afford a multi-media advertising plan, but you never know until you ask. Let us meet with you, learn about your goals and design a plan to fit. We can't perform magic and there are no quick fixes, anyone who tells you there are is only trying to sell you for their benefit.

We are on duty and ready to help. Contact our sales manager directly using the contact form or visit our contact page to find information.

Our goal is to help our clients, not "sell" them, give us the opportunity to prove it.