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Questions about newspapers and newspaper delivery:

Q: What day(s) do your newspapers come out?

A: Our five weekly newspapers are delivered every Wednesday.

The daily Pekin Times is delivered Monday - Saturday

Q: Where are your newspapers distributed?


  • Morton Times-News: Morton, Tremont, Mackinaw, Groveland.
  • East Peoria Times-Courier: East Peoria, Spring Bay. 
  • Washington Times-Reporter: Washington, Sunnyland. 
  • Woodford Times: Metamora, Germantown Hills. 
  • Chillicothe Times-Bulletin: Chillicothe, Mossville, Rome. 
  • Pekin Times: Pekin, Delavan, Tremont, Mackinaw, Manito, Bartonville, Morton, Green Valley, Marquette Heights, Topeka, Creve Coeur, East Peoria, Deer Creek, Hopedale, Minier, Easton, Havana

Q: How long has your company been in business?

A: The Washington Times-Reporter is the second oldest newspaper in Illinois dating back to 1840. The establishment dates for the other newspapers range from 1888 to 2009.


Q: Who owns your company?

A: We are owned by Gatehouse Media who also owns hundreds of media companies across the U.S., including the Peoria Journal Star. We work with the Peoria Journal Star by sharing a printer and newspaper carriers. We operate independently of each other.


Q: Is the content of the papers the same for all the towns you serve?

A: Content found to have mass appeal may be shared.


Q: What size are your newspapers?

A: They are broadsheet newspapers. The image size of a page is 10.125” wide x 20” tall


Q: Are your newspapers paid or free?

A: The weekly Times newspaper are free. The Pekin Times is paid subscription.


Q: Since your papers are free, are they just “shoppers” full of ads?

A: No. Each newspaper contains news from the town, events, society, police reports, sports, classifieds and more.

Q: How are your newspapers delivered?

A: Our newspapers are delivered by paid carriers. We use the same service/carriers as other papers in the area including the Peoria Journal Star.


Q: So the WEEKLY Times newspapers only go to homes that get a Peoria Journal Star?

A: No. We also employ carriers to deliver our newspapers to the homes that do not get a Peoria Journal Star. On average we distribute to twice as many homes in the areas our weekly newspapers serve.


Q: I get a Sunday Journal Star but I don’t get a weekly Times newspaperpaper on Wednesday, why?

A: The system does not allow us to deliver to weekend Journal Star subscribers.


Q: Is there a way I can get a Times newspaper since I can’t because I’m a Sunday Journal Star subscriber?

A: Yes. You can sign up for a paper to be mailed to you. You can pick up the paper at many locations around town including the grocery stores and gas stations, or you can receive a free E-edition to your email inbox every week by requesting delivery at circulation@timestoday.com.


Newspaper Advertising


Q: I want to advertise in one of the newspapers, do I have to buy all six to get in one?

A: No. That is one of our strongest assets to the advertiser, the flexibility to choose the areas that fit best. Advertisers can pick one, two, up to all six newspapers to reach specific markets.


Q: How much does newspaper advertising cost?

A: Cost varies depending on the level of commitment, the size of the ads, if the ad runs in color or not, how many areas you want to reach, and if there are any special placement requests.


Q: Is there a minimum number of weeks I can run ads?

A: Yes and no. We will not accept an order for a business card size ad to run one week. Save your money. If you’re having a special event or limited time offer you want to advertise, make sure the ad will be seen. Sure it cost more money to run bigger ads, but the effectiveness of a small ad run one time is too low. We will accept a larger ad for a one week run, preferably a quarter page or larger size ad.


Q: Ok, then how long do I need to advertise to get it to work?

A: There is the “7-time” rule and the “20-time” rule when it comes to advertising in general. There is no solid evidence to prove one or the other but it is accepted that to get a consumer to “move” they have to “know” the business, “trust” the business, and “like” the business. Consistent advertising helps do all these things. We all know the name “McDonald’s”.


Q: Can I only do a couple weeks of advertising to “try it out”?

A: Yes you can, but remember, Arnold Schwarzenegger's muscles didn’t exploded to the size they were overnight, it took time, patience and hard work. Effective advertising is the same. The purpose of advertising is to generate more business, but people have to know and trust you before they’ll spend money. Seeing your ads consistently builds trust and familiarity. Now the customer knows you’re worthy of their money and can trust you’ll be around to help them.


Q: How can I get a story about my business in your newspaper?

A: Ask. The editorial department makes the decisions to the content of the newspapers. If your story serves the community and isn’t just an ad hidden in an article, they may decide to run it. You can purchase Native Advertising to be guaranteed your story will run. Native Advertising offers many benefits to the business.


Q: Do you offer full color options for my ad?

A: Yes, and pricing that make adding color an easy decision for the advertiser.


Q: Do I have to provide you the finished ad?

A: No. Our design house can create ads for you. You can work with your sales representative to decide on the the content, our design team will create your ad for you. 


Q: Do I have to provide all artwork and copy for my ad?

A: Copy yes, artwork, no. We can’t create an ad without knowing the message you want to share, but with your ok, we will find artwork to complement the information you’ve given.


Q: Is there a charge for design services?

A: Yes. In 2016 we began to charge a small fee for new ad design and changes to existing ads. 


Q: I have no idea what to put in my ad, help!

A: Remember, “less is more”. You want to ensure that your ad grabs the viewer's attention and keeps their interest. Ads should contain a dominant visual image meant to grab the viewer's attention and then two or three complementary images along with 4 to 5 short bullet phrases or sentence. Ads are viewed more than read. Stay away from creating a long, word heavy ad. If you need lots of words to “sell” your product or service, use the ad to refer the viewer to a website for more information. If the ad got their attention and they’re interested, the viewer will make the move to your website. Read: Components of a Good Ad!.


Q: What are your deadlines?



MONDAY Pub. - Thursday 11am

TUESDAY Pub. - Friday 10am

WEDNESDAY Pub. - Friday 3pm

THURSDAY Pub. - Monday 11am

FRIDAY Pub. - Tuesday 11am



SATURDAY Pub. - Wednesday, 11am

PEKIN EXTRA Pub. - Wednesday, 3pm


Wednesday Pub. - Thursday 12pm (noon)


Q: Can I request that my ad is placed in a specific location?

A: Yes. Your Times sales representative can request the layout department place your ad on a specific page for you. You can guarantee placement with a 15% upcharge. Placement is first come, first served.


Q: Can I ask that my ad be placed at the top or in the middle of the page?

A: We do offer special placement options for the top of the page, nothing for the middle.


Q: Is the newspaper the only print option you offer for advertising?

A: No. We also offer special section advertising, pre-print services and front page peels.


Q: What is a special section?

A: Our newspapers publish sections meant to focus on a specific topics such a Senior Living or Home and Garden. We also publish sections that are community based such as the Morton Pumpkin Festival or the Guide to Washington.


Q: What are the Pre-print services?

A: We can accept your printed flyers to be inserted into our newspapers for a small fee. We also offer your business the option to design, print AND insert your, full color, 2-sided, glossy 8.5"x11" or 11"x17" (folded) flyers for an investment as little as $500 for 10,000. We can also design and print your flyers or brochures and deliver them all to you.


Q: What is a front page peel?

A: A 3”x3” ad placed in the middle of the front page of the newspaper, above the fold.


Q: Do you only offer newspaper advertising?

A: No. A great digital marketing company, Propel Marketing, was started by our parent company to focus on digital marketing services and allow us to bring to our markets today's tools such as website development, Search Engine Marketing and Optimization, Direct Email Marketing and more!  

Digital Advertising


Q: Do you offer online advertising?

A: Yes. We offer various display ad position on our newspaper websites as well as other online marketing options?


Q: How many people visit your websites every month?

A: We average between 70,000 and 90,000 unique visitors each month to all six websites. Don't miss all those people in our communities who are choosing to get their news online. We offer different options for your business to stand out on the website. From the standard 300x250 size ad to a TAKEOVER option that will give your business all the ad positions on the home page for an entire day! Can you say "can't miss" advertising.


Q: Are your websites mobile friendly?

A: Yes. Being mobile is so important, our sites are optimized for a user-friendly mobile experience.


Q: If I run an ad in your newspaper will it appear on your website too?

A: Yes. We place all the ads that appear in our newspapers on our websites as well! Visitors can view your ad, get a link to your website (if one exists in the ad) and get directions to your location. The ads as well as entire special sections can be found on our FIND N SAVE page on our websites. 


Q: Can I request that my ad is only placed on specific pages on your website?

A: Yes. We do offer specific placement in areas such as Obits, Business, and Calendar of Events.

Q: Do you have a targeted online ad program?

A: Yes! OnTarget is an amazing service we offer for reaching your targeted customers with a visual display ad when they’re online. OnTarget gives your business access getting it’s ad all over the internet on various websites. OnTarget allows an ad to be targeted to specific geographic, demographic and behaviors(interests). OnTarget is about reaching the right people when they’re online.


Q: Does OnTarget only offer ads that display on web browsers?

A: No. We can also offer you custom targeting features for ads that will display effectively on the major mobile sites.


Q: What do you mean by targeting customers online?

A: There are online services that are paid to track people’s habits on the internet.

Every computer with internet service has an IP address, the online tracking service tracks the usage of the IP address and assign it “labels”. The “labels” consist of the type of sites the user frequents. For example: an IP address visits a lot of websites dealing with antiques, the tracking service then adds a label to the IP address for Antiques.

OnTarget offers amazing targeting capabilities such as Geo-Fencing!


Q: How much does Ontarget cost?

A: It depends on how specific your targeting will be. Investments starts at $6 for every 1000 ad impressions.


Q:  What is Propel Marketing?

A: In 2012, we teamed up with Propel Marketing to bring our clients the online tools necessary in today’s world. We act as your local agent connecting your business with the experts in website design, social marketing, search engine optimization and marketing, reputation monitoring, ROI tracking, video creation and more. Propel Marketing is based in Quincy, Massachusetts and employees some of the best and brightest in their fields.

Q: How does Propel Marketing work?

A: Propel Marketing is a service offered through the Times Group that brings the digital marketing solutions to local business. Its goal is to bring professional digital marketing services to you at affordable rates. It is not a full service marketing firm, meaning a Propel rep will not come to your business to meet with you. You will meet with your Times Group rep. to set up an effective plan based on your needs. An appointment will be set for you to communicate with an assigned Propel Customer Service Agent via phone and/or email. All the details will be worked out with the C.S.A. The business representative will be “interviewed” by Propel and information will be gathered to complete the tasks at hand. Propel is able to offer similar services at huge discounts due to its business model.


Q: Why can I get a website from Propel that cost thousands less than other agencies?

A: There is some give and take with the system. You take away a professionally designed Responsive website that contains all the features needed, you give up a face-to-face meeting with the web designers or agent. You work through phone and email with an assigned representative from Propel who walks you through the process. You still retain your Times Group representative who is “on-call” for any needs or requests you may have.


Q: Who owns the website and my domain name?

A: You do. Propel does not retain ownership of your site or domain name, meaning, unlike other outlets offering similar services, if you want to stop, Propel will give you the files. And your domain name, that is something you will need to purchase on your own so that you keep all rights to it. We can help you do that and it does not cost a lot, but this way if you do want to stop, we can’t hold your domain “hostage” and ask you for a large “ransom” to get it.


Q: Can Propel help my website get better placement in the search engines?

A: Yes


Q: I know Social media is a useful way to reach customers but I don’t have time, can you help?

A: Yes. Propel Marketing can do the work for you, posting, recruiting new fans, and more.


Q: Everyone seems to be on Social Media, is advertising on it a good idea?

A: Yes! "Fish where the fish are". You don't have to understand how, we can do it for you. We offer Facebook and Instagram advertising options. Our clients have seen a lot of success with these tools!


Q: Someone came in my store yesterday and said my location was wrong on the map they uses online, can you fix it?

A: We can. Hundreds of online directories exist on the internet that list your business information, location, website address, etc. Most businesses have inaccurate information listed in these directories. Through Propel, we can get this fixed. In today’s world, having bad info. listed is like having the wrong phone number listed in your phone book ad in 1999. Not good.


Q: My business generally does best from “word of mouth”?

A: That’s great and advertising can reinforce those messages but if “word of mouth” is your bread and butter, don’t overlook online reviews. Our Reputation Monitoring program can let you know when reviews have been left on the internet and allows you to engage the person who left the review. “Bad” reviews left unanswered is employing a person who sends your customers to your competition down the street. Responding to “good” reviews is showing everyone your appreciation for, and commitment to your customers.


Q: Is Email marketing effective?

A: Email Marketing is awesome! Most everybody uses email today. Why not send your advertising message to their mailbox? We can create amazing messages with images that will show up in their email inbox AND we can guarantee a minimum of 8% will open and read it and at least 1% will click on a link in the message to be taken to a website, landing page, social media page, etc.


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