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Competing in today's marketing environment your message needs to be spread around, reaching people is various places. The Times News Group offers your business a suite of digital marketing solutions for reaching customers, but in addition to the tools, the Times Group has certified dedicated digital experts to effectively manage your campaigns for you. Propel Marketing, part of the Times News Group, focuses on online marketing 100% of the time and works to make it as effective as possible for your business. Your Times News Group consultant is your connection to getting started.

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• Social Media Advertising

Drive the right customers to your business

Let our experts go to work for you! Propel Marketing can develop and monitor, custom Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns that will drive traffic, increase search engine results, and boost customer loyalty for your business. With nearly 2.1 billion people active on social media, there’s never been a better time to take advantage of social advertising than right now!

• Direct Email Marketing

Connect with more customers

Email Marketing lets us build your email marketing campaigns and expand your customer base! We ensure your campaigns reach active and high-quality leads while targeting your audience and providing you with real-time email metrics. Our experts will design and run your complete email experience to help you attract new customers and keep them coming back for more.

• Targeted Online Display Advertising

Create trust and knowledge of your brand

Place your business in front of customers where they spend most of their time: the web. By tracking current and past online behaviors, we can better deliver your messages to customers looking for products and services just like yours through custom, digital ads.

  • Search Targeting: Target potential customers who have searched for keywords relevant to your products and services
  • Contextual Targeting: Target potential customers who are reading articles or watching videos related to your products and services
  • Geofencing: Target potential customers with mobile ads based on whether they’re in a specific geographical location - such as near your competitors
  • Georecency: Target potential customers with mobile ads based on whether they visited or traveled through a certain area within the past 30 days

• Retargeting

Reconnect with customers who visited your site

Get even more leads by reaching those who've visited your site, but did not convert. Target lost leads with custom ads on desktop and mobile sites, blogs, and more. Plus, increase return visits to your website.

• Search Engine Marketing

Your Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner

When managed by an expert, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising - can be a powerful way to generate new business. As a Premiere Google AdWords partner, we bring you exceptional services and results by helping your potential customers find your business on search engines like Google and Bing. That way, you can focus on what you do best: serving these customers!

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“If you have a pipeline problem, if you have a lead problem, Propel Marketing is going to help you solve it.” - The Ridge Club


• Search Engine Optimization

Our experts will cut through the clutter and execute successful SEO campaigns that get results

When customers search online, are they finding you or your competitors? Our proven SEO methods are based on in-depth analysis of what search engines are looking for, which helps your business have greater visibility online so more customers can find you.

• Responsive Website Development

Say goodbye to spending money on multiple website updates

This cutting-edge technology provides one website for your business that adjusts to the size and resolution for every device – automatically! Get all the features you need on one platform and easy-to-use content management system. Now you can save time and money that can be put back into your business. It’s just that easy!

 • Interactive Video

Engage your audience

Interactive Video is the easiest way to make an impression in a short amount of time, effectively marketing your services. Ranging between 30 and 60 seconds, our professionally-edited videos feature a number of distinct elements, including a script, voice over, music, on-screen text to support messaging, and advanced transitions between images. Engage your customers with customized, interactive content!


"I would recommend Propel to any company looking to get a good web presence and to look more professional in the market." - Titan Plumbing


• Social Conversations

Build relationships with potential customers

Social media is the new word-of-mouth. It’s no coincidence that businesses who engage their customers via social media grow faster than those who don’t. Now it’s easy to keep your loyal customers updated and gain new ones. Whether you’re already leveraging the power of social media or just starting out, we can help design a plan that's right for you.


“We literally saw a 50% boost in a response rate to our advertising! In addition, having Propel Marketing do our social media was not only economical, but saved me so much time.” - Lawn-Pro Lawn Care Service


• List Optimization

Get listed – Get found – Get customers

Are customers able to find your business online? If not, you've been losing out on potential sales. List Optimization helps ensure your business listings are consistently correct in more than 300 directories, making sure customers have the right information so they can find you online.

 • Live Chat Leads

Provide the best customer experience

Live Chat Leads means your business never has to close its doors! Deliver 24/7 instant gratification to web visitors by connecting them to a live person with no wait times. By offering real time convenience, you can engage more visitors online, off the phone, and easily convert them into leads for immediate ROI. 

• Call Tracking

Make the most of every call

Know exactly how your marketing campaigns are performing. Today, more than ever, phone calls are still one of the best sources of quality leads for your business. Now you can finally shed light on what leads you gain from advertising campaigns online and offline.